Ribbon & Reed Antique Nickel Cover Plates

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The Ribbon and Reed Antique Nickel highlights the traditional wood moulding pattern in which the border is framed by reeds wrapped in ribbons that repeat around the edges. This collection is made of nickel plated cast steel and is available in 12 different configurations and has a delicate satin sheen.

Material: Antique Nickel Cast Metal

Made In: China

Matching screws included.

Shipping Time: Ships in 1-3 days

Single Size Plates: 3 inch x 4 15/16 inch

Double Size Plates: 4 7/8 inch x 4 15/16 inch

Triple Size Plates: 6 5/8 inch x 4 15/16 inch

Four Size Plates:

Five Size Plates:

Sizes refer to amount of gangs in plate:

Single size is for single toggles, single rockers, etc.

Double size is for double toggles, double rockers, etc.

Triple size is for 3 toggles, 3 rockers, etc.

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